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For over four decades SITREK has made the security of our customers our top priority. We provide integrated security solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organization.
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Integrity and professionalism
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Leveraging our experience, cutting-edge technology and systems, and industry expertise, we partner with you to protect your business and give you the confidence that comes from knowing your organisation is secure. Setting the bar as the most dependable and reliable commercial security company in Sri Lanka, we are the security partner of choice for major financial institutions, shopping malls, internationals hotel chains, diplomatic missions and many more.

Our industry excellence

We have been excelling in the industry for four decades with our uncompromising dedication to delight our clients.

Our technological innovations

We have been continuously enhancing our capabilities through innovation to fulfill the highly changing requirements of our clients.

Committed to one single mission

We work round the clock to achieve our single mission-protecting your life and your valuable properties.


Our security guards are trained to deliver a professional service of the highest value and highest standards to our clients.

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We offer a range of services to enhance the overall security of your organization. Our team of specialists will discuss your most pressing security needs and concerns. We will help you understand potential security risks and suggest solutions that will cater to the overall security requirements of your organization.
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Our standard of excellence is based on wide-ranging industry expertise, commitment to integrity and exceptional services which are customised to client’s requirements and delivered with the utmost levels of courtesy and professionalism.