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We offer a range of security services to enhance the overall security of your organisation. Our team of specialists will discuss your most pressing security needs and concerns. We will help you understand potential security risks and suggest solutions that will cater to the requirements of your organisation.
Compliance Officers
Our Compliance Officers are well-equipped with PPE and are up to date with Covid 19 protocols. They will be deployed at your esteemed establishment to assist with adhering to the Covid protocols and they can support you in carrying out various tasks. Our compliance officers can also be trained specifically to monitor your organizations regulations.
Sitrek Elite
Unarmed officers, differently attired and well trained for specific tasks will accompany individuals to their office and back or any such movement. They also provide security cover for high-end events and locations.
Value Addition
We also provide a value-added service where the Customer Servicing Manager will monitor the behavior of the security guards and ensure the assigned duties and responsibilities are carried out as expected by the security guards.
Our security officers are some of the best in the industry. They are well-trained by veterans in the field in areas such as handling safety equipment, fire evacuation, first aid, handling emergencies, self-defense and many more.
Static Security Officers
We provide well-trained, competent security officers who execute their duties with utmost dedication. Our officers are competent in weapon handling, unarmed combat, security operation, and many other areas.
Integrated Security Solutions
We have extended our hands in providing integrated security solutions where our clients will be benefited from specially integrated proposals curated to meet the specific security needs of their premises.
Alarm Response
At SITREK SECURITY SOLUTIONS , we are equipped with the 24-hour rapid response alarm service to give you complete peace of mind over the security of your lives and your property. Upon an incident of an emergency, our rapid response unit will be immediately dispatched to your premises and our emergency call center will contact the specified emergency contact. All our patrol vehicles are in constant communication with our control center and the nearest patrol vehicle will be sent to your site during an emergency.