security for business
Exceptional customer experience.
We deliver exceptional customer service through our industry-leading security solutions
why choose us.
We have an extensive network of branches islandwide, bringing us closer to our clients in maintaining and monitoring all our customer locations. These fully flegded branches are headed by senior regional managers which enable quick response during emergencies and unforseen eventualities.
Our role as security specialists

We provide our clients peace of mind, assuring of the highest level of service standard delieverd through our well-trainined and competenat security officers who are disciplined, professional and honest.

Our people

Everyone matters to Sitrek and we know our service is only as good as our people. We continually invest in our people to equip them with the requisite knowledge and skills to enhance their careers and deliver an exceptional service. That’s why we enjoy the best levels of staff retention in the industry.

Our value proposition

Our unrelenting focus is to deliver an exceptional customer experience through our solutions, service standards and customer care.

Our ability to innovate

Our long-term sustaibability is based on our adaptability and pioneering new solutions to meet the evolving requirements of our clients. Our attitute towards embracing the latest, best-in-class technology is exemplified through our state-of-the-art Monitoring Centre which is widely acknowledged as the leading facility of its kind.

Market leader in the industry

Working closely with our clients, we provide comprehensive solutions that matches the exact requirements needed. Each solution is customized and conceptualized by applying current industry standards, environment analysis and affordability.

Selection of Best people

Our well-trained security officers are best in the industry, vetted, highly trained and skilled. Trained by veterans in the field, they are competent in weapon handling, unarmed combat, security operations and many other areas. All training programs are conducted in our fully-fledged training academy.

Investigations division

Our team of experts will carry out investigations pertaining only to commercial and industrial matters.

Continuous improvement

Based on our periodical “Customer Assessment Reports” and the feedback we receive, many changes, improvements and innovations are done to existing training schedules at the academy, including refresher training at branches and on the job training at customer locations. In addition our regional managers and customer service managers constantly inspect the customer locations during the day and night to obtain first hand feedback for further improvement in our services.

Motivated staff

Our staff are the best in the industry. They are reliable, well trained and presented with excellent skills to execute their service with utmost professionalism and integrity. We continually invest in our staff by paying- the highest remunerations in the industry and looking after the health and well-being of our people.

Security Surveys Onsite

Our Regional Managers will carry out security surveys prior to commencement of our services at client locations. Thereafter periodical security Re-surveys will be carried out to further recommend additional security requirements to ensure and enhance the security coverage at the location.

Night mobile petrol services

The only service of its kind in Sri Lanka, which provides an effective deterrence for limited risks, including risks due to spontaneous combustion, floods and machine malfunctions.