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Whether it’s night or day, we are here to assist your when you need us the most.

Rapid response
Alarm Response
At SITREK SECURITY SOLUTIONS , we are equipped with the 24-hour rapid response alarm service to give you complete peace of mind over the security of your lives and your property. Upon an incident of an emergency, our rapid response unit will be immediately dispatched to your premises and our emergency call center will contact the specified emergency contact. All our patrol vehicles are in constant communication with our control center and the nearest patrol vehicle will be sent to your site during an emergency.
Upon the arrival of the rapid response unit, the site will be thoroughly inspected and the patrolman will remain at the site for 30 minutes. For your convenience, we have introduced our key holding service saving you the hassle of attending your site upon alarm activation.
certise lanka security solutions

24-hour service

We provide alarm response service 24 hours of the day, seven days of the week.

certise lanka security solutions

Emergency contacting

Our 24-hour call center will contact the emergency contact for your immediate support.

certise lanka security solutions
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